Criminal Justice Newsletter from the Texas Bar Association Showcases Our Recent Reversal of a Murder Charge


In Cruz v. State, we obtained a new trial for our client who had been convicted of murder.   The case involved a number of issues, but we prevailed on our issue concerning the jury charge.  The Criminal Justice Newsletter from the Texas Bar Association identified this case as an “Interesting Case” in its most recent newsletter to its members.  The newsletter described the case as follows:

Cruz v. State

Holding that the District Court had erred in denying a requested self-defense jury instruction, the Court of Appeals reversed the conviction. The appellant had admitted that he had shot the victim because he was approaching him in an aggressive manner. Without a self-defense instruction, the appellant did not have a defensive theory and the jury could not find in his favor.


We thank the members of the Criminal Justice Newsletter for selecting our case and we look forward to giving them more cases to review!