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Briefs filed in actual appeals in which I represented either the Appellant (the person seeking to overturn the trial court’s verdict in a civil trial) or the Appellee (the prevailing party and the party seeking to protect its trial win).

I have not included briefs from child custody decisions or employment law briefs. These briefs are subject to court orders that restrict their dissemination, my own concerns about the privacy of the individuals involved, or non-disclosure agreements between the parties.

  • Dunagan, Orville Paul v. Coleman, Bryan Patrick


            • Represent Appellee.
            • Issue: Appropriate standard of care for injury that occurs during a sporting event.
            • Required specialized research into legislative history and specialized research to conduct a comparative analysis of standards in other states.
            • Responded to eleven issues.
            • Coleman
  • Vives, Samuel Peter v. Gersten, Amanda


            • Represent Appellant.
            • Issue: Was the evidence legally and factually sufficient to support the trial court’s decision?  Did the trial court’s decision violate Appellant’s due process rights?
            • Briefed four issues.
            • Vives Brief
  • Center Operating Company, L.P. v. Brandy Duncan


            • Restricted Appeal
            • Represented Appellant against the American Airlines Center.
            • Procedural and technical brief.  Most of the brief concerns technical issues from the Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Nguyen, Tracy v. Myers, Rodolfo


            • Represented Appellant
            • Defended judgment obtained in the trial court.
            • Procedural waiver under Rule 33.1 significant issue.
            • Argued before the Fifth Court of Appeals. Opinion issued affirming verdict for Myers.
            • Myers Brief

Employment Law: I have represented clients in appeals of adverse judgments in employment law cases. These are all under seal and I am prohibited from providing copies of these briefs.

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